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I personally invite you to come join me on one of my breathtaking photo tours of The Palouse. 'our own Tuscany of the NW!' We will photograph all the iconic locations, along with some of my favorite locations. I will provide one-on-one assistance to ensure you capture the best possible images. I'm a strong believer in "Quality" and not "Quantity." I will make sure we are at the right location at the right time to get images you will be truly proud of. Photographing "The Palouse" is truly a remarkable adventure. The adventure starts the minute you register for your tour. Start your adventure NOW! Our days will be spent shooting barns (red ones and old rustic ones), abandoned houses, small farm settings, windmills, old abandoned cars and trucks, along with some of my favorite vista's of the Palouse, and a lot more. You can expect surprises around every turn.


I have also planned the June Tour to coincide with the new moon when we will have totally dark skies for shooting the Palouse after dark. For two nights we will light paint barns, lone trees, abandoned houses or grain elevators, working in complete darkness with our headlamps and flashlights. We will also photograph the dark night sky getting great shots with star filled skies, including the Milky Way. A lot of my students that come from large metropolitan areas, have never seen the Milky Way. It is breathtaking, the first time you see it. It is my goal for everyone to get great fluffy cloud filled days and star filled nights.


This tour has it all, as I live in the Palouse area and I know the Palouse very well. I will do everything possible so that everyone comes away with some of the best images possible! We will be up late and get you up before the crack of dawn….but that is what it takes to get some of the best shots of your life in the Palouse!


Anyone wanting a shorter tour than the 5 day tours is welcome to register for a Private Tour. Special Group Tours are also available. Arrangements can be made for me to take you or your group (such as a photography club) on a special Private Tour. I do offer Private Tours year-round. Please contact me for arrangements. Fees will be determined by the size of the group and how many days you desire. The advantage of a Private Tour is that we will only shoot what you want. You will get a lot more shooting in as an individual or small group, compared to a large group environment. Note: Private Tours should be booked early, so that I can reserve motel rooms for you. Rooms in the Palouse for the Spring photography time, are booked real early.

To secure a spot on a tour this season, you will need to act quickly. My tours are limited to 10 students.


Register before December 1st and receive a special "Early Bird," $300 discount.

(NOTE: If you qualified for a discount, it will be taken off of the remaining balance due, after you have paid your deposit.)



For more information on Tours, call: 509 386-6385

2018 Palouse Photo Tour Dates

  • May Tour (five weekdays) - May 21 to May 25th
  • June Tour with Night Photography (five weekdays) - June 11 to June 15th
  • Harvest Tour (four days) – August 5 to 8th


Where is the Palouse?

The Palouse is among the most photogenic areas in the world, dotted with rural towns nestled among the rolling hills of green and yellow to magnificent pastoral vistas that continue as far as the eye can see. Tucked away in southeastern Washington and northeast Idaho is a majestic region, known as “The Palouse.” This is rural Americana farming at its best, but the old landmarks and way of life are rapidly changing. There is a very compelling reason for you to visit this extraordinarily photogenic corner of America – now! Within a short time, the majority of its treasured landmarks – those architecturally beautiful hand–hewn wooden barns, silos and out buildings of a bygone era will be gone. Scores of these weathered, abandoned and beautifully-deteriorating agricultural structures will collapse and be bulldozed onto the scrap heap of history.


We will be photographing rolling landscapes, dramatic cloud formations, unusual patterns created by plowing and crop rotations, rustic rural barns, abandoned vehicles and farm equipment (new and old) and much more. The graceful rolling hills and scenic views are breathtaking. The crops rotate each year giving a fresh look each spring with bright, rolling vistas of green and yellow. Late June/early July, the vibrant yellows of blooming canola fields (rape seed) are contrasted by the rolling chartreuse hills of wheat and lentils, saturating the fields with explosive color. Wildflowers are abundant this time of year.


A highlight of the Palouse is the splendid vantage point on top of Steptoe Butte, providing a commanding view of beautifully-cultivated landscape for miles. Your images will be similar to those that can be taken from an aircraft-although we have the advantage of our two feet on the ground, stable tripods, and long lenses to capture select patterns, details, and the landscape at its very best, in the long low light of sunrise and sunset.


Some of the most graphic, powerful images in the world can be taken on this tour. This tour is designed for peak spring colors. At first glance, the Palouse appears deceptively easy to photograph, but with 4,000 square miles to explore, you want a knowledgeable guide and professional instructor to have you in the right place at the right time. Otherwise, you will spend your limited time driving around wondering where the iconic shots are, instead of taking those great photos in the right light.


After Registering for a tour, see my FAQ's Page to get your questions answered.

If you have been envious of other people’s images of the Palouse, it's time for you to LIVE IT, yourself. Come join me this year for an experience of your lifetime - envision yourself in the middle of the Palouse, looking through YOUR viewfinder and seeing all those iconic images in front of you. The rolling hills of wheat, barley and lentils, hundred miles of roads punctuated with 100+ year old barns, sunrises and sunsets like no others you've ever seen before. Yes, this is a photographer's mecca, one in which you must visit in person to fully appreciate its beauty, to make others envious of your images of the Palouse. Before we finish our time together, we will have shot thousands of images. We will be tired, but we will be happy and excited to go home and view all the images.


For Tour fees and Deposits, go to my Tour Fees Page



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